Our staff

The YELLOW SKI Apartments is a family business of Mirka and Lukáš Najman. We would like you to have unusual or at least very pleasant experiences and nice memories for special atmosphere that surrounded you in here. 



Mrs Anička is our housekeeper, and she is the best one in the world, or at least in Rokytnice. Every morning, smiling, she cleans up the common spaces in the YELLOW SKI Apartments. Then she arranges everything needed. She is a real treasure.

  •   cleaning as “by mummy”
  •   she speaks only Czech
Great couple – Miru a Lukáš

Great couple – Miru a Lukáš

They are heart & brain of the YELLOW SKI Apartments. They are behind everything and they really wish you to enjoy your stay here and hope you will come back. They are very busy, but when you catch them up, it´s worth it.

  •   they make your vacation exceptional
  •   they are very busy